The joys of learning

Wether it’s a new skill, a recipe, a way of cutting paper, a theory of the world and its mysteries—learning sums up what I love doing pretty well. It’s also one of those inevitable things that just “happen”: we all know how the saying goes – “You learn something every day”. That’s probably not 100% true, but I’d say a good 80% is true – and 80% is a lot!

The thing with learning though, is you might learn something and waste the new knowledge by not putting it into good use. Us humans, we are forgetful beings (some more than others). But hey, knowledge is power [link]! So how do we avoid wasting our newly-acquired power? I believe there’s two ways. You can do both things, or at least one of the two:

  1. Do something about it. Today you’ve learned that coffee creates an acid condition in your body, and should be avoided when you have a digestion problem – like the one you’re experiencing now? Then don’t have coffee. Or you learned that the best way to get started with meditation is spending at least 10 minutes of your day focusing on the quality of your breath? Well then find those 10 minutes today, maybe before going to bed (instead of playing Candy Crush on your phone after turning off the lights!).
  2. Share what you’ve learned with someone. Sharing makes everyone happy. Do you know anyone who could benefit from what you’ve learned today? Maybe you’ve read an article about a new regulation or law that might help a friend solve an issue. Or maybe that cool photography tutorial is just what your husband is looking for to get better at his new hobby. Or maybe what you’ve learned today is just a silly dad joke, and you want to share it with someone just to make them laugh. And this way, you’ll know that the knowledge (power!) you have acquired today won’t get lost in the depths of your already-very-busy memory.

So this is my own way of trying to make sure the stuff I learn doesn’t get lost. I share it with whoever will read it and might find it useful (myself included!). I also do my best to actually do something with it, but that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like… but while I’m working on that bit, I can write and write and write, and hopefully someone else will benefit from the new discoveries I make along the way.

Oh, why the owl you ask? Because owls are beautiful! What a silly question.


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